Introduction to Python


Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. The programming skills imparted by this course are useful in all sectors.

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Aim – Introduction to Python

This module equip students with a good fundamental of programming structures, techniques and practices so as to become comfortable with, and adaptable to, any programming languages. It also covers program testing, debugging, and a number of program design tools and techniques used to express the solutions needed to solve the impending problem. Students will be taught to apply Python programming to problems that require structured thinking. Fundamental concepts of data structures and algorithms will be covered, including stacks, queue, linked lists and trees. Students will be certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate if they pass the examination by external vendor at the end of the course.


After successful completing the course students will understand:

Target audience

This course is for people who are keen to learn more about Python programming language or have an interest in an IT related job.

Course Duration

The following summarised the tuition hours and the total course fee:
Course Fee: $450
Material Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $10
Duration: 13*3 hours = 39 hours
Day of Lesson: Any day of the week

Entry Requirement

No formal education required.

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